This Is Who We Are

Dressing The Future

So Blessed by Denise Vizcarra was originally born in 2013 as a clothing range for the young and chic lady with a bohemian flair.

Learning the industry and sourcing fabric that is exceptional and converting these designs into bespoke garments that are beautifully tailored.

Since then Denise and Juan Vizcarra have been blessed with two gorgeous daughters. The couple were incredibly frustrated with lack of choice and originality in the market and coupled with the imaginings of stunning children garments floating through her mind, So Blessed by Denise Vizcarra 4 kids was born.

Teaming up with an amazing seamstress who completed her degree in Cape Town’s College of Fashion Design, and then moved to the heart of couture, Milan, where she studied pattern making and construction for a further two years at the Isitituto di Moda Burgo.

The Vision

So Blessed by Denise Vizcarra is a fashion brand for the style conscious Mommy wanting to dress her little one in something fresh and exclusive.


The Brand

So Blessed by Denise Vizcarra consists of:

A Core Collection of on-going basics.

Seasonal Collections which are launched every 3 months to ensure originality, freshness and suitability for our gorgeous but varied South African climate.

The sizes cater for boys and girls aged 0-3 months to 5 years.

“Denise is incredibly talented and extremely passionate about what she does. It's truly amazing to see her creative ideas come to life everyday. She pays great attention to detail and is an absolute perfectionist, which is proven in her designs. It is such a pleasure watching her grow and I am proud to be part of this phenomenal brand and honoured to walk along side her on this exciting journey.``